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Reina Kurosaki Discusses Life and Kamen Rider in ModelPress Interview

ModelPress recently interviewed Reina Kurosaki about her life and work. In addition to being an exclusive model for Seventeen, she also works as an actress. She currently appears as Nico Saiba on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (airs every Sunday at 8AM on TV Asahi in Japan), a series that has produced numerous popular actors and actresses. In this interview, she talks about the shooting the show and her goals as an actress.

Appearing in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

The 18th series of the Heisei Kamen Rider series stars a doctor for the first time. In order to defeat the mysterious game virus called Bugsters, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid throws himself into the battle and sometimes fights other doctor Kamen Riders.

Kurosaki plays Nico Saiba, a professional gamer who burns with an obsessive passion to defeat Hojo Emu (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid).

Pressure From Her Brother When Appearing on Kamen Rider?

Please tell us how you felt when you were cast in Kamen Rider.
Kurosaki: I was happy because I have watched Kamen Rider with my brother since we were young. When I got to the audition, I first contacted my family. My brother said “Can you do it, sis? Kamen Rider? You can’t.” I was suddenly under pressure (laughs).

What was your brother’s reaction after seeing Kamen Rider Ex-Aid?
Kurosaki: My brother likes Kamen Rider Genm/Dan Kuroto (Tetsuya Iwanaga). So he might say something like “The President (Kuroto) was so cool” but when I ask “What about Nico is?” He says “Oh, I didn’t see her.”

I’m sure you must feel shy when others watch.
Kurosaki: It was good because my father and friends said “It was great” or “Your acting has become awesome.”

The shooting site is…

What are some similarities you have with Nico Saiba?
Kurosaki: When I feel strong about something, I’m serious and stubborn. When I finish shooting, I know I did my best.

There are many young performers around your age on-site. What is the atmosphere like?
Kurosaki: All of the performers are good friends. When theĀ filming starts, the switch turns on, and a sense of tension is born. But we can turn the switch on and off.

Are you able to switch on and off in your role?
Kurosaki: That’s right. The difference is quite intense.

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid is the first drama you have regularly appeared on. There are many photos being taken day and night. Are you careful to take care of your physical condition?
Kurosaki: I can’t quit if I get a cold. There are many people at the shooting site, it would be tough there was an outbreak. I always wear a mask and I try to wake up early. I always try to make time to sleep.

Judgement of Work

There’s an increasing number of roles for actresses, including theĀ Kamen Rider series, right? What role would you like to challenge yourself to next?
Kurosaki: I played a lot of serious roles, so I long for a role as an ordinary girl.

Since you just graduated, you could play a High School student role.
Kurosaki: I’d like to.

Since graduating High School, you are concentrating on work more. Why did you make that decision?
Kurosaki: Originally I felt like “school is okay”, but I wanted to work anyway. However, the school attendance days and working days were restricted due to laws in Nagoya. I didn’t dislike school, and if I went to university, I would study hard. But, I knew I could still go to university after becoming an adult and thought “Let’s do what I can while I’m still young.”. I prioritized what I wanted to do the most right now.

You enjoy your jobs both as a model and actress, right?
Kurosaki: Yes, because this is what I’ve wanted to do since I was little! Even when I’m being praised and scolded, it’s the most fun when you’re working.

What do you do on your days off?
Kurosaki: I watch dramas and movies, but I also like to play video games, read manga, watch sports and other boyish activities. Sometimes I play sports. I don’t like to exercise for dieting purposes, but I like to move my body, so I run. I will get off three stops from the nearest station by my house so I can walk. I think the results are showing slowly.

Are there any people you wish to co-star with?
Kurosaki: Fumi Nikaido. When I saw her on the tv drama Woman, I got a shocking tingling impression. I’d like to co-star with her someday.

Pay attention to future developments!

Please give a message to your fans watching Kamen Rider Ex-Aid until the end.
Kurosaki: I will continue to progress more and more into an interesting direction. Nico often goes out like a daughter to the dark doctor (Taiga Hanaya/Kamen Rider Snipe played by Ukyo Matsumoto), but the relationship between the two changes a lot. There are serious and interesting scenes, so I’d like you to look forward to it.

Thank you very much.

Reina Kurosaki Profile

Birth Date: November 11, 1998
Height: 161 cm
Hometown: Aichi prefecture
Blood Type: Type B
Hobbies: Drawing manga and singing songs

Special Skill: Drawing

Article Sources: ModelPress

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