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Visiting Tokusatsu’s Special Filming Locations in Tochigi Prefecture

Within Tochigi Prefecture are various areas used to film tokusatsu scenes. Tochigi, Sano, and Ashikaga are a few cities used as shooting locations for movies and dramas. Among them is a rocky area used in battle scenes of Super Sentai and Kamen Rider.

In these scenes, numerous Super Sentai and Kamen Riders were wrapped in blasts while protecting justice. The general public is usually prohibited from entering this area. Nikkan Sports was able to tour a few locations, such as Iwafuneyama and the former mines of Sano. When visiting, you will remember “I remember this place from that scene!”

Both places are often used, not only for tokusatsu, but historical and modern dramas, music videos, and so on. The mining site is in a convenient location, and city access is easy.

An official said, “I photographed several Riders here during the film Superhero Wars GP: Kamen Rider #3. It was powerful.” In addition, Iwafuneyama was used in the NHK Taiga drama.

Most recently, in the city of Sano, the gymnasium was used for the prestigious boys schools in Teiichi no Kuni The Movie starring Masaki Suda (Philip of Kamen Rider W ).

By traveling around these locations, one could feel Tochigi’s power.

Article Sources: NikkanSports

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