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LiveDoor Polls 200 Japanese Women on Mens “Forgivable” Otaku Hobbies (Including Tokusatsu)

Under the strict condition of anonymity, LiveDoor polled 200 women in their 20s and 30s in Japan about which otaku hobbies they’re more likely to forgive in a man.

From 16 different hobby choices, here are the poll results:
1st Movies 62.5%
2nd Manga 56.0%
3rd Cars 47.0%
4th Anime 44.0%
5th Computers/IT geek 43.0%
6th Video Games 40.0%
7th Railway 35.5%
8th Planes 34.5%
9th Bikes 34.0%
10th Model Building 25.5%
11th Idols 25.0%
12th Military 21.5%
13th Tokusatsu 18.5%
14th Figures 18.0%
15th “There is no otaku hobby I could forgive” 10.5%

More than half of women were only open to accepting “Movies” and “Manga” hobbies. Of course, hobbies are a personal freedom and many don’t judge others by their tastes, but sometimes things are different when it comes to love. Otaku hobbies that scored lowest were tokusatsu and figures. Women who don’t understand the hobbies find them difficult to accept.

Comments from the women who were polled

After participating in the poll, some women gave their thoughts:

For those who voted that any otaku hobby was unforgivable
“I felt really disgusted and I tried not to respond (to him)” – 34 year old woman in Fukushima Prefecture
“When watching anime, I felt sick. We went to Comiket and I hid.” – 31 year old woman in Niigata Prefecture
“When I was going out with a football fan, he was obsessed with the game. We got into fights a lot.” 31 year old woman in Tokyo

For those who were accepting of certain otaku hobbies
“When he told me about plastic models, I liked them” – 31 year old woman in Niigata Prefecture
“He was an anime otaku. He didn’t talk about it when we were together, so I wasn’t particularity concerned” – 25 year old woman in Fukuoka

For those who shared the same otaku hobbies
“We talked about good Western music and I enjoyed it too.” – 33 year old woman in Shiga prefecture
“Reading shoujo manga and being able to speak to someone who also felt passionate about them made me excited.” – 29 year old woman in Tokyo
“I liked Super Sentai, karoke, or watched a movie. Since he didn’t try to make me watch it, I didn’t talk about it much. I enjoyed it when we weren’t together.” 28 year old from Shiga prefecture

Overall, many were accepting of reading manga as an otaku hobby because they were most familiar with it. Manga doesn’t have much issues with it, but otaku hobbies can become extreme, so there is a tendency for issues to develop.

Even if it is an otaku hobby, both people can show their understanding of it or even say “I like what you like” or “I like the same thing.”

In love, including interests, do not always match. You shouldn’t lie about what you like because it may hurt your love interest.

Article Sources: LiveDoor

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