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“Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Final Stage & Program Cast Talk Show” Held in Tokyo

The final event “Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Final Stage & Program Cast Talk Show” took place in Tokyo on October 14 and 15th. Ex-Aid inspired excitement among fans with its tv show, movies, and stage events.

The event took place in two parts: stage play and cast talk. In the stage play, Emu Hojo wants to fulfill his promise to Poppy. The play takes place with the new game “Kamen Rider Carnival”, set in a VR environment, which was created by Gamedeus. The doctors are fighting to save Poppy, who has been changed into a baby “Bobby Bebibabu” and can only speak by saying “Babibubebo”.

Nico also appears on stage to transform into Kamen Rider Nico Snipe. The venue was covered in a laser light show, which appeared from pipes in the audience seating area. Everyone applauded during the simultaneous transformations of all of the Riders.

During the cast talk, all nine people got together with Shinya Kote, who portrayed Ren Amagasaki. Tetsuya Iwanaga (Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm) shouted “I am the ruler of all worlds!”, while Hanamaru Hakata (Haima Kagami) introduced himself as the dramatic Doctor X and said “I will not fail”.

Ruka Matsuda (Poppy Pipopapo) talked about a time where she had to do 20 takes. Toshiki Seto (Hiiro Kagami/Kamen Rider Brave) also recalled having a hard time at the beginning. Ukyo Matsumoto (Taiga Hanaya/Kamen Rider Snipe) said it was hard for the Director to change his innocent image.”

One year ago, Hiroki Iijima, who portrayed the main hero Emu Hojo/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, stood on the stage as a shy man. Now, he stands on stage proudly with his fellow cast members. Looking back on those days, Iijima said “I’ve watched Kamen Rider since I was about 5 years old. I especially loved Kamen Rider Ryuki and 555. I wanted to transform… a vague idea, but I hoped dreams would come true.” Now Iijima is standing on stage in front of fans holding pink pen lights in celebration.

Iijima continued, “Now, I receved a message from someone saying they thought about becoming a doctor after watching Ex-Aid.” Also “I really appreciate your support. At the same time, I feel lonely when I think this is the end. I’m also excited. Toei! Toei-san! After 5 years, even 10 years later, please give me the opportunity to reunite with the cast! I think it’s better to say that.”

The cast members discussed their favorite moments and times that were harder. Overall, they were glad they were picked for their roles and that their fellow cast members were picked for theirs. The cast started to tear up. Matsuda said “I didn’t even cry at my graduation ceremony. I feel like I’ll head to the shooting site to see everyone, but it’s a lie.” Iijima also commented he didn’t cry at his graduation ceremony and the last time he cried was when he argued with his sister and broke the stove.”

At the end, the cast shouted “I’ll clear this with no continues!” as the curtain closed.

“Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Final Stage & Program Cast Talk Show” will be sold from Toei Video on February 7, 2018 for 7,800 yen. The DVD is available for pre-order on Amazon Japan.

Article Sources: Excite, Natalie

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