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Kamen Rider Climax Fighters Update Introduces Additional Gameplay Information

Bandai Namco has released their third announcement regarding the upcoming Kamen Rider Climax Fighters game.

Kamen Rider Climax Fighters is a new fighting game where Kamen Riders collide. Heisei Kamen Riders, from Kuuga to Build, gather to fight a battle like never before.

Kamen Rider Blade’s primary skill is in his “Jack Form”. In this form, the power of his Lightning Slash increases and he can glide across the screen. He uses a skill gauge as AP and when a certain amount is reached, he can perform a Deathblow.

Kamen Rider Kabuto’s skill is to “Clock Up”. By performing this skill, he can fight at different speeds. He even starts the battle with a higher Defense, but his speed is reduced. The key to playing Kabuto is to cast off to his Rider form, so he can Clock Up.

Kamen Rider Decade’s skill is the ability to use different Rider forms. If he chooses a Rider that is his opponent’s weakness, he can have a great advantage. Decade can also discuse himself in an Invisible Attack Ride mode, which makes it so opponents cannot lock on to him.

Kamen Rider OOO’s main skill is the Tajadol Combo. He can fly in the sky and attach from all ranges, including rush attacks. A variety of form change options means he can fight at any distance.

Kamen Rider Gaim’s main skill is Kachidoki Arms. He can attack using his flags. Using different lockseeds, Gaim has a variety of attack moves, but excells in mid-range attacks.

Bandai Namco is offering an award for those who preorder early. Fans will receive a set of clear file designs (out of 7 total).

Kamen Rider Climax Fighters will be released only on the PlayStation 4 on December 7, 2017 and will have English subtitles in Asia. The physical and digital cost is 7,600¥ for the regular version and 11,100¥ for the limited version.

Check out the PV here:

Article Sources: NicoNico, InsideGames

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