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Searching for Tokusatsu in Tokyo – Daisuki Toku in Japan

Recently I (Lisa, the admin of Daisuki Toku) headed to Tokyo to see tokusatsu sights in person instead of behind a screen. I posted photos from my few days there online with plans to write a more comprehensive post of where I went and what was available. Being primarily a Kamen Rider fan, that’s where most of my attention was. If you’re headed to Tokyo and trying to make notes on where to go, I hope this helps!

Before we get started:

What This Post Doesn’t Cover

“You should have went to ____!”
“___ has way better stuff!”
“What is the exact location of ____ and their business times?”

Tokyo is pretty big and I didn’t spend my entire time looking for toku-related goods. This list isn’t a comprehensive guide on where to find all tokusatsu events and goods. If you’re planning to go, have fun exploring!



Ikebukuro has several K-Books stores, along with a Mandarake and Animate store. Just beware, this area is known for catering more for idol fans, so you’ll have to look around for toku content. This was the area I was staying.

A few shops down from the multi-level Animate store was a small shop with it’s doors open. Though the store carried mostly real life idols, there was a small display for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid goods. Most of the merch seemed to be of the actors and actresses, along with two DVDs.

Animate Ikebukuro Main Store – Lashinbang

Location: 1-20-7 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku

This Animate store has a cafe in the base. Each floor is focused on different hobbies, like cosplay, wigs, etc. On the Lashinbang floor, there was a display section of Super Sentai and Kamen Rider discount goods.

The goods included cosplay, discount drivers, and gimmicks. Most of them were used, but “Used” in Japan is still great quality. They were a great price, but beware that it’s likely you’re not going to find a complete used driver, unless it’s still brand new in package.

Kamen Rider the Diner

Location: 1 Chome-21-9 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima

No surprise here, I visited Kamen Rider the Diner! If you’re walking from the Animate store, you’ll have to walk through the Ikebukuro station to reach it. It’s on the 4th floor and you can hear various theme songs as soon as you get near.

There is various Rider merchandise around. There is a photo booth where you can have a photo taken with a photo with a Rider, and a few dress up accessories are available, like hoodies from Kamen Rider Ghost or Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s goggles.

If you’re worried about price, there were several snack, drink, and meal options available. Important note: You can only stay for 90 minutes, max.

It’s really recommended you make a reservation, but I was lucky to walk in and get a spot. If it’s full, you don’t have to leave empty-handed. Right beside the entrance, there’s some gachapon machines and a little shop to buy Kamen Rider the Diner t-shirts.

Sunshine City Movie Theater

You’re going to do a ton of walking when you’re in Japan. take a break and enjoy a movie! Though this movie was just in the area I was staying in, see if there are any toku movies out for you to enjoy.

Sunshine City Mall – Toys R Us

Toys R Us is located in the Basement floor of the Sunshine City Mall. It’s not very large, but there is still a large aisle filled with various toku goods. There was even a large tv showing a PV of Kamen Rider Build!

There’s also some bento box and lunch accessories.

Just beware, true to the name, there are a lot of kids here and they love toku, too!

Tokyo Station – Character Street

TV Asahi Store

Tokusatsu stuff in a train station? Yes. Tokyo Station is known for its “Character Street”, which has several popular characters from different shows. There’s a store just for TV Asahi with a large row of Super Sentai and Kamen Rider gifts for friends or yourself.

Ultraman Store

Ultraman has his own store within Tokyo Station. There’s a life-sized display, and since I went around Halloween, he was dressed to celebrate. The store has snacks, dishware, apparel, and more.

Gachapon Wall

There was a big display of various gachapon. Most of them cost 300¥ to play. The glass display case showed off what you could win. I learned early that most of the toku gachapon machines were mostly the same.


When I visited Akihabara, Typhoon Lan was about to make landfall. It was raining, so I couldn’t take many photos. I stayed along the main street.

All I can say about Akihabara is to explore every shop. I was constantly in and out of stores, going from the Basement to the Top Floor. I don’t remember the name of every shop, but it was great to see all the displays and sales.

There were also shops that sold used gachapon toys. Why would you want to buy used gacha? They’ve been checked out by the store and are in great condition. They’re also a great way to pick up some merch of your favorite older show.

Various Arcades

Gachapon might often contain the same prizes, but the arcades are slightly different! Again, I can’t pinpoint the exact locations of these machines because I went in and out of so many places.

The Kamen Rider Build crane machines all seemed mostly the same. But, I was thrilled to see a machine for Kamen Rider Den-O items.

While you’re in the arcade, remember to look for Kamen Rider video games! I didn’t see any for Super Sentai, but I did see a few machines for Kamen Rider Ganbarizing, where you get a free card for playing.

Shibuya/Special Events

Daisuki Toku often posts upcoming events in Japan. This time, I was lucky enough to check one out! I was in the Shibuya area and it was the last day of the Yuji Kaida Ultraman Exhibit in Tower Records.

The event was under 1000¥ to check out. There are no photos allowed in the exhibit, but since I’m also an illustrator, it was a wonderful experience to see Yuji Kaida’s artwork up-close. There was also a small shopping area set up with various Ultraman themed goods.

If you’re in Japan, make sure to research to see if there are any events going on! (Maybe even refer back to our site, like I had to do!)

A Room With a TV

This section refers to your hotel room, the common area of the hostel with the tv, the tv in the living room of the AirBnB you’re renting out, etc. If you’re in Japan on a Sunday, remember Super Hero Time (Kamen Rider/Super Sentai power hour) is on!

And yes, I did think the time move was inconvenient! I wanted to stay in and watch, but I had to head out.

This post will be occasionally updated as I remember more information.

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