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Kamen Rider 555 x Hello Kitty Collaboration Announced

A collaboration between Kamen Rider 555 x Hello Kitty was announced at the product expo “Sanrio Expo 2018” in Tokyo.



The collaboration items include a tote bag 2484 yen and key holder 648 yen with images of Hello Kitty transforming into Kamen Rider 555. The collaboration commemorates the 15th Anniversary of Kamen Rider 555, which aired from 2003-2004.



At the exhibition, Kento Handa, who portrayed the hero Inui Takumi/Kamen Rider 555, appeared with Kouhei Murakami, who portrayed Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa.



Handa was positive about the collaboration “I like Hello Kitty a lot and there are some goods in my house.” Murakami stated that he thought the toys were cute and the designs would be good for both men and women to wear.

At the event, both men took up their transformation belts with Hello Kitty and posed for the audience.



To further celebrate the collaboration, a special talk and live show including Handa and Murakami will be held at Sanrio Puroland on May 5, 2018. Both men will also be transforming live, so Kamen Rider 555 fans shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity. More information will be announced later on the official homepage for Sanrio Puroland.




Article Sources: Mantan Web

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