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Keep or Toss: Moms Wonder How to Manage Their Children’s Tokusatsu Toys

Mamastar is a Japanese website that contains several parenting related articles. Mio Akaishi writes about the fate of a growing tokusatsu toy collection.

Not only children yearn for heroes with hearts filled with justice. Their mothers are also addicted to tokusatsu hero programs. These toys make children happy, so many families end up becoming absorbed in collecting toys and related goods.

Even at our home, we’re hooked on Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. Toys such as transformation belts and weapons are overflowing. Thanks to new heroes debuting every year, older toys get played with less and less.

The toys are increasing rapidly and it’s sad to dispose of unwanted toys. Mamastar reached out to other moms to see how they handle old tokusatsu toys.

The responses from mothers included:
“Play with them with the children.”

  • “Use them when they want, otherwise, keep it close in a toy box.”
  • “Because previous Riders appear in the movies, they keep playing with them. If they completely lose interest in Kamen Rider, I will throw it away.”
  • “They are playing with them normally. We borrowed a DVD to watch while playing. Our youngest child will happily play with the transformation belts.”
  • “Super Sentai toys are in the closet in a cardboard box. When they grow up, they can open it and feel nostalgic.”
  • “My son is a Junior High School Student. He left his transformation belt at a friend’s house and played with it there for a long time.”

While many are focusing on newer heroes, the heroes in each season remain friends. Children even still played with transformation belts as they became older. No matter how many children you have, you won’t be able to abandon your dream of being a hero.

Some of the children grew out of tokusatsu, but some moms still wondered if their children were too old to still enjoy heroes.

The responses from mothers included:

  • “My child got one for Christmas when they were in second grade. When they were in third grade, their interest dropped. Now in the fourth grade, my child and his friends all play with their belts. If they want it, I think I should buy it!”
  • “My child is in fifth grade but still wants one.”
  • “My child received transformation belts for Christmas. After that, they played Mario’s game for awhile. Even though he still watched Kamen Rider and Super Sentai sometimes, he didn’t want the toys.”

Depending on the child, their time to “graduate” from tokusatu is different. Some children take on other hobbies, but some parents may forcibly keep them from watching. If your child doesn’t take interest in tokusatsu and you do, it can feel lonely, but there are still other hobbies to enjoy together.

What did mothers do when their child had completely lost interest in their tokusatsu toys?

The responses from mothers included:

  • “They saved up and bought toys with their brothers. They kept the boxes and instructions in good conditions. They sold their toys.”
  • “As my oldest lost interest, the youngest still played with them. When the youngest lost interest, I sold them all. They were surprisingly valuable.”
  • “We let the children decide if they wanted to keep using them or not. We regularly arrange all the toys, keep what they want and dispose of used toys.”
  • “I still have toys I liked so much. I don’t play with them, but I kept my Pretty Cure toys. Other items, I gave to my cousins’ children.”

It seems you can give an older child’s toys to a younger child if you keep the toys clean.

It seems that tokusatsu toys that children grew up with are still loved when they grow up. Since children and parents may argue about disposing toys without the child’s permission, it’s important to think about how to dispose of the items and keep the child in the coversation.



Article Sources: MamaStar

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