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Bandai Holds Children’s Favorite Characters Survey for 2018

Bandai recently conducted a survey to find out which character children like the most. The survey was given to 800 parents who have children aged 0 to 12 (that could answer the survey) around the entire country. The survey took place online from May 11 to May 13, 2018. The results were recently released.

For the overall votes, Anpanman took first place again for the second consecutive year. Doraemon took in second place. For the first time since 2013, the Precure series raised their ranking into third place.

This year, the Kamen Rider series made fourth place with 4.4% of the votes. Although it did not rank in 2017, the Super Sentai series made tenth place with an average of 3.0% of the votes.

Bandai also categorized the votes by gender, which was around 400 votes each. For boys, again, Anpanman took first place while Doraemon was in second place. Kamen Rider was in third place with 8.3% of the votes.

For girls, Pretty Cure ranked in at second place with 11.3% of the votes. Disney Princesses and Doraemon also ranked in the top five list.

The poll was then broken down into age groups:
Ages 3-5 Boys: Kamen Rider series ranked #1 at 16.0% votes
Ages 6-8 Boys: Kamen Rider series ranked #2 at 12.0% votes



Other popular series included Super Mario Bros., Detective Conan, and One Piece.

The survey then requested the average amount of money used to buy products of children’s favorite characters. The average amount was 8,310円. Children ages 3-5 years old averaged the highest amount at 9,502円.

The full result data can be found at Bandai’s website here.



Article Sources: Dengeki


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