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Yukata Men Feature – Part I: Tetsyua Iwanaga

Recently LiveDoor has featured four men as part of their “Yukata Men” series. These men are wearing yukata, which is part of the Japanese tradition in Summer. The first to be featured is Tetsuya Iwanaga (岩永徹也), who recently portrayed Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. He also participates regularly on quiz shows where he successfully shows off his intelligence.

The photoshoot and short interview session took place in Tokyo at a local shrine. At first, staff members were unsure if the photoshoot could continue because of rain. Iwanaga appeared, holding an umbrella.

What is it like to have a photoshoot while wearing a yukata?
Iwanaga: I had a photoshoot wearing a yukata five years ago for MEN’s NON-NO. I usually don’t have a chance to wear one on my own, so it’s refreshing. I had a nice time using a Japanese umbrella in the rain.

Have you ever been to the Hanazono Jinja Shrine?
Iwanaga: This is my first time visiting. The walls of the bulding are beautiful and impressive.

Do you usually visit shrines?
Iwanaga: There are quite a few shrines here. When I’m running, when I find a shrine on the way, I’ll go in to take a break. I don’t like crowds and don’t go into urban areas very much, so I enjoy running and then walking around a shrine.

Have there been any shrines that have impressed you?
Iwanaga: Nezu Shrine was beautiful with a lot of birds. I thought it was fun and lively to attend a festival at a shrine that I passed by chance.



There are many couples who wear yukatas on dates. What kind of women’s yukatas intrigues you the most?
Iwanaga: A pink or purple yutata with a floral pattern, such as hydrangeas. The obi is yellow and her hair is up.

Please tell us your ideal yukata date.
Iwanaga: I want to wear one when I go on a trip, rather than out of my house. i stayed at an inn and wore it at the hot spring… It seems like it could be fun if you’re playing games like shooting or scooping goldfish together.

Not a festival date, but two adults enjoying their time quietly together.
Iwanaga: I’m not good with crowds (laughs). After all, I think it’s better to just be alone, just the two of us alone. I don’t really like all the talking.

Isn’t that time you’re talking important?
Iwanaga: I think it’s good to be quiet (laughs), for example, if you’re been talking for awhile and the story became boring. I don’t want to get distracted (laughs).

I see. (Laughs) I’m sorry to hear you’re not good with crowds, but what about watching the fireworks?
Iwanaga: I want to watch them in a place where there’s not many people. We can sit under a tree and eat together.

That sounds nice. While you’re talking, you can think “It’s beautiful~”
Iwanaga: When I see the fireworks, I would notice the flow of the wind and the smoke with the flame reaction. This is what I’m thinking about.



Please tell us some of your Summer memories.
Iwanaga: My cousin lives in the United States and I visited her during Summer Vacation. They took me to a restaurant where we could listen to see live bands, watched baseball at night and drank beer, bought snacks from the vendor… It was very fun. I could do this in Japan, but never have, so I got to experience it for the first time.

What didn’t you have in Japan?
Iwanaga: I was studying in Japan at the Library, the Science Museum… because it’s Summer Vacation, there were a lot of people. But because there was a nice atmosphere, it was quiet even though it was busy, so I went there and studied.

Homework for Summer Vacation–?
Iwanaga: I was working on Summer Vacation homework from the moment I got it and submitted it at the closing ceremony.

Iwanaga: When I was a Junior High School student, I got homework way before the beginning of Summer Vacation. Because I wanted to study what I chose to during Summer Vacation, I did my homework instead and left it at school and left it until the closing ceremony (laughs).




What did you want to study during Summer Vacation?
Iwanaga: About the universe or history’s mysteries. I wanted to read the dictionary and books slowly. But, I was working hard on free research and drawing.

What kind of free research?
Iwanaga: When I was in Elementary School, I was experimenting with rain during Summer Vacation to see if it was acid rain. The result was that it was acidic rain.

What do you have to do to experiment with acid rain?
Iwanaga: When I was in Elementary School, I was in the Soccer Club, but there were extracurricular activities on rainy days. At that time, I thought “It feels good to get wet in the rain.” But acid rain melted the bronze statue, and I thought it might actually be dangerous. So, I thought I’d experiment.



What do you like to do in your private life during Summer?
Iwanaga: It’s not Summer yet, but I got a week off (previously in early June), so I’m going to Hawaii with my family.

A family vacation? What are you going to do in Hawaii?
Iwanaga: I’d really like to see the Kilauea volcano erupting because it’s dangerous. I’m also interested in ocean life and submarines.

What do you think about your work this Summer?
Iwanaga: I was in a drama. The broadcast time hasn’t been decided yet, so I look forward to telling you.




You appeared in a lot of quiz programs, too. In our last interview, you said you wanted to do various visits. How is it after half a year?
Iwanaga: Until now, I had a rookie’s reputation, but recently people have recognized me as an actor. That’s why I changed my mind to try and get good results properly. Before I wanted people to remember me, but now I want to meet the expectations of the staff by leaving proper results.

On Twitter, you wrote you took your first aromatherapy test. Was it for work?
Iwanaga: I’m the type that always wants to do something. The aromatheraphy test, I never used my nose for a test before, so I was very interested in it. I had to sniff 17 different scents.

Did you learn about fragrances?
Iwanaga: Lemon, lemon grass, bergamot, orange, neroli… there were a lot of similar scents, so I had to connect them to a memory. For example, if you have lemon grass, chew a bite of lemon. If it was rosemary, there was medicine I sniffed when I had a stuffed nose as a child. Ylang-ylang reminded me of an uncle in America.



Yes, it seems easy to memorize if it’s connected with a memory.
Iwanaga: I got a kit and I only had to sniff and remember to study the fragrance.

Did you have to write anything?
Iwanaga: Yes. The problem is writing the name of the plant or what ingredients were used or how to extract them. Also, what methods and tools to use. This is easy to remember when you draw a diagram.

Drawing a diagram?
Iwanaga: The name of the fragrance, how to extract it, what kind of plant are all drawn on a diagram on my iPad. Because I remembered this, I could draw it when the exam began.

I could see the problem, and the answer matched what was in my table. It’s not a problem with around 30 pieces, but when I have to remember 200 or so, I have to draw a table first, then answer it. It solves the problem by using a table. It was a memorization test.



It’s too bad that we can’t show your table to the readers. How were the test results?
Iwanaga: I passed unless they wrote my name wrong (laughs)

You passed!
Iwanaga: I didn’t understand one question for the procedure to make a perfume, but I understood the rest.

Are you going to take various tests now?
Iwanaga: Yes. Before this, I passed the 3rd class of the World Heritage test. For the GMAT, I’ll be able to see the results soon, so I want to keep looking.



LiveDoor also ran a campaign to give away three autographed photos of Iwanaga during the photoshoot. The campaign ran from July 2, 2018 to July 8, 2018.



Part of the LiveDoor “Yukata Men” Series:



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