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Yukata Men Feature – Part II: Hayato Isomura

Recently LiveDoor has featured four men as part of their “Yukata Men” series. These men are wearing yukata, which is part of the Japanese tradition in Summer. The second actor to be featured is Hayato Isomura (磯村勇斗), who previously portrayed Alain/Kamen Rider Necrom in Kamen Rider Ghost.


How was photographing while wearing a yukata?
Isomura: I hope it looks cool. The yutaka we received today is not only pretty, but also comfortable to wear. I usually don’t wear a yuktata, but it fits nicely. I think it’s suitable for a Japanese person.

Out of all the patterns, why did you choose this style?
Isomura: I have a simplistic image of a masculine yukata, either in gray… or gray (laughs). But this is an indigo color. Personally, I like the pattern.

The design of the caricature was very nice.
Isomura: It was cute. Love at first sight.

Have you ever had the opportunity to was a yukata in your private life?
Isomura: I like to see people wearing yukata. I’m happy of how I look in it. (laughs)

How did you spend your time on the veranda while wearing a yukata?
Isomura: There was no veranda in my home or at my grandmother’s house, but I feel nostalgic about it. I think after it settles down, I want to stay for awhile.

How was the shaved ice?
Isomura: The shaved ice I made was delicious. The ice was fluffy and the mango sauce is delicious. My head was cold (laughs). It was a feast.

It seemed you were tense when you used the retro oyster shaved ice machine.
Isomura: I miss it. When I was a child, I remember doing the same thing. Cut the ice, put the syrup on. I made it for the whole family. Surprisingly, it’s hard, but it was fun. If you were a child, you would be able to enjoy it forever. Is that innocence gone? (laughs)

What do you like when women wear a yukata?
Isomura: When women wear a yukata, they will also change their hair and makeup. I feel a great sense of femininity. But what I like most is how their stride narrows! When we meet, I will first wait, and hear the “tatata” from the other side as they rush over in a trot (laughs).

Do you have any memories of girls wearing yukata?
Isomura: In my hometown, the Summer festival and fireworks show were held together, so I looked around for a group of men and women from my class. When the girls in my class wore a yukata, they looked different.

Did you tell them they looked nice or cute?
Isomura: Of course! I want them to know I noticed their chance, so I made sure they knew.

What is your favorite hairstyle, pattern, and color of yukata?
Isomura: That’s a tough question. For hairstyle, I like a bun or styled up. It would also be cute on the side. The color of the yukata… whatever color is right for the person!

If you’re going on a date with a girl wearing a yukata, where would you go?
Isomura: I want to go to Kyoto. Maybe meet at the Kyoto Station? Is that improper? Or Tokyo Station?

Wait at Tokyo Station and rent a yukata in Kyoto together! Then where would you go?
Isomura: First, the classic Kiyomizu-dera. Then, I want to eat at the Nishiki Market. I like pickles… Then, well, I thought I would want to walk around Kyoto, but if I’m wearing a yukata and it’s painful, where should we go?

We’ll get tired if we walk wearing clogs and yukuta that we’re not used to.
Isomura: All right, I’ll go check in advance. I’ll lead and make a plan!

By the way, do you want to take photos while you’re on a date?
Isomura: I do. I want to take a selfie or ask someone else to take it. It seems fun to look at the photos later.

Is there anything you want to do this Summer?
Isomura: Barbeque! But, I’ve already done it, so camping! I want to spend some time in a tent. I don’t have many outdoor experiences. But I’m the type to do something by myself, so I’ll read a manual, set up a tent, and cook!

Camping is nice! Let’s build a tent and stay.
Isomura: Build a fire and eat some rice. I’ll invite a friend to play the guitar. While listening to music, I’ll sing, and drink sake. It would also be nice to drink coffee in the quiet.

In Summer 2018, you’re currently appearing in the live-action drama adaptation of Kyo Kara Ore Wa!!
Isomura: That’s right. I play the role of Takeshi Sagara, who says things like “I’m ready to go to the boys’ hospital” and boasts, fights, yet could kill the other party calmly…

How did you study for the role?
Isomura: I studied by watching Be Bop High School and collecting 80s materials.

What is the story with Director Yuichi Fukuda?
Isomura: I was able to start by imagining his friend, so I began without being confused. I thought that I wanted to do my best.

How is the atmosphere?
Isomura: Everyone is on good terms with each other! Fukuda is very energetic and I think the atmosphere is very good. Everyone goes out to eat together.

Were there many scenes with Nobuyuki Suzuki?
Isomura: Let’s see… he’s the same age. We were in the drama Daisy Luck together and we sometimes drink together. He’s shy and can be very cute (laughs).

The action scenes are also a highlight in the work.
Isomura: I learned how to do action when I was a Rider, but the actions of the hero and enemy are different. But, it’s fun. I go to a boxing gym on my own, and it’s fun to move my body. My mind begins to overflow with thoughts like “I’m strong!” I have to change my body, so I changed my eating habits, like eating red meat and drinking protein.

The broadcast is still far away, but I can hardly wait now.
Isomura: I think it will be a really interesting work, so I want you to watch it soon and think “Isomura hayato is a bad guy?!” I act in a very bad role. I would be happy if you saw my new side.

LiveDoor also ran a campaign to give away three autographed photos of Isomura during the photoshoot. The campaign ran from July 3, 2018 to July 9, 2018.



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