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Yukata Men Feature – Part III: Shoma Kai

Recently LiveDoor has featured four men as part of their “Yukata Men” series. These men are wearing yukata, which is part of the Japanese tradition in Summer. The third actor to be featured is Shoma Kai (甲斐翔真), who previously portrayed Parado/Kamen Rider Para-DX in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

What was it like to take photos while wearing a yukata?
Kai: I don’t have a yukata, and haven’t work one too much, so I’m not familiar with how I look wearing one (laughs). However, it feels very light and it feels like Summer. I think that there are various fabric types of yukata, but what I’m wearing is hemp. The material feels very cool.

It’s perfect for today’s good, sunny weather. We also photographed you eating watermelon.
Kai: I don’t like melon, but I like watermelon! When I was little, I used to pretend to do a seed machine gun. After eating seach seed “Pupupupu-!”

The manager said “I won’t let you do that today.” (laughs) Do you visit the parks?
Kai: Yes, by walking.

Have you ever been to Yoyogi Park?
Kai: Occassionally. In the past, I had to practice using SLR cameras to take photos of the movie Shashin Koshien Summer in 0.5 Seconds. I borrowed a camera and took photos of the landscape while walking around the park.

Have your camera skills improved?
Kai: Was it? (laughs) It was a lot of fun. Most of them are useless photos, but I thought “I was able to take this photo.” So I was glad to do it.

Do you still take photos when walking?
Kai: I returned the SLR, so I no longer have it. But, I often take photos with a smartphone!

But on such a hot day, isn’t it troublesome to walk around?
Kai: Let’s see… I like to walk, and it’s easy when it’s Spring or Autumn. I’ll walk if the distance is one station. When I was young, I often went to buy clothes in Shibuya and Harajuku, so I had to go back and forth to walk.

But, it’s hot in the Summer. Don’t go out!

You can’t go outside?
Kai: Because I’m a sweater, I’ll sweat a lot just to walk to the station. But, I like to go home sweaty, take in the cold wind from the air conditioner, and have a cold drink. I’ll still remain sweaty, so I’ll feel cold (laughs). You can also have ice cream.

There are a lot of couples who wear yukata when on a date, but how do you feel about women wearing a yukata?
Kai: It’s wonderful, of course!

So you like the appearance of women’s yukatas?
Kai: I don’t know if I will get to see yukata more than once a year. The feeling is special.

What kind of women’s yukata would make you happy to see?
Kai: I think women who wear red look good. Not only a yukata, but every day fashion. It attracts attention and isn’t easy for everyone to wear, so the women who do are wonderful

It’s fashionable from your point of view. What kind of yukata would you wear if she wore red?
Kai: Well, I have to think about balance. If she wore red, I may wear a calm color, like the one I have on now. If I wear a dark color yukata, the colors would compete.

What kind of hairstyle would you want to see?
Kai: I think something different than usual, maybe something stylish, like it seems like it took time to do.

Would you feel like she did it for you?
Kai: For example, when you get a present, you can imagine the person choosing it for you. You thought about me and picked this out for me. It’s the same thing, so I would be glad to know you’ve done your best to go out with me.

Please tell us about your ideal yukata date.
Kai: What situations are there to wear a yukata? A Summer or Fireworks Festival? Oh, we could also wear them when travelling to Kyoto. I want to do anything because there’s not many opportunities to wear a yukata. It seems fun. You can do on a trip with whatever you want to wear.

It is nice. Imagine going to the Summer Festival, for example. What would you do?
Kai: First of al, shooting! It’s fun, right? Then eat watermelon, play yo-yo balloons (laughs). What else is there after that…?

Goldfish scooping?
Kai: Oh! Goldfish scooping! A goldfish I caught at Summer Festival when I was a child ended up growing very big. A goldfish usually has a short life, but ours lived for a long time!

Did you go to Summer Festivals?
Kai: Yes! I often went to local festivals.

Invite your friends along and “Let’s Go!”
Kai: I was invited and went for awhile, but after I ate yakisoba, I wanted to go home. So, just going for awhile, then going home. I still do that now.

What is your most memorable Summer memory?
Kai: I had been playing soccer for 12 years, from first grade to high school. I retired in the Summer during my third year in High School. My skin was really tan then. I had been really motivated to play then.

Did you change then?
Kai: That’s right (laughs). As soon as I became a teen, my face changed and my body got slimmer fast. My last game before retirement was a loss. At that time, I cried for the first time. I felt like “I’m not crying, even if I lose another game.” But it felt really mortifying to lose like “I’ve been waiting 12 years for this and this is how it ends.”

First of all, what made you start playing soccer?
Kai: My mom said “I’ll buy you some ice cream.”

Using ice cream?
Kai: My mom said “I’ll buy you ice cream if you play soccer.” I went on to play for 12 years, but I haven’t gotten the ice cream yet (laughs). Originally, my father had played soccer and he really wanted me to play, too.

You still get caught up in things like that…
Kai: Now it’s different, like wanting a house, so maybe “I’ll give you a house.”

There’s a big size difference compared to ice cream. Did you expect that you wouldn’t continue playing soccer after graduating high school?
Kai: I decided to quit in high school. A scout came by and told me to come by early for a higher level. I wanted to do it, but I couldn’t go there every day. I only had one day off a week, but I was too tired. My head was full of soccer.

Still without going into the story of showbiz, have you been interested in it further since being a scout?
Kai: Well, let’s see… In fact, I’ve been interested in it since I started working. When I was a scout in soccer, I thought “What is the entertainment world?” I didn’t realize I would enter that world.

The movie “Kakugo wa Iika Soko no Joshi” began filming this Summer on June 24.
Kai: It’s a live-action adaptation of a shoujo manga, but it’s not like a shoujo manga. It has a passionate relationship between men, and it’s very lovely. Though there is drama about girls, there’s also unskilled boys trying to give out wisdom (laughs).

(laughs)So this time it’s Hetalia Boys.
Kai: I was first troubled when I read the story about Towa Furuya and Ichiya Sawada (who Kai portrays). But, they’re comedian characters. Towa is “handsome and cool, but not popular.” I also wanted to choose my hair style from ten different choices. But I acted, I tried to play the part of an unpopular character.

So compared to the character you’re playing in your role now, what kind of personality do you have?
Kai: I have different moods, a type that can’t be moved to take action. But I can’t do it unless I’m interested in it, just like soccer.

Please tell me what you want to do during your private time this Summer.
Kai: I want to go to Hokkaido. Shashin Koshien Summer in 0.5 Seconds was shot in Hokkaido during the Summer and it was really fun. It was hot, but felt better than Tokyo. The scenery was also beautiful and I want to return.

Did you visit any sightseeing spots?
Kai: I went to Blue Pond. My first thought was “Is it really blue?” But it’s really blue! It’s a great way to visit the tourist spots while driving.

You drove a car, too.
Kai: I ahve a license, but when I’m in Tokyo, I don’t have a chance to drive. But, I drove in Hokkaido, I wanted to… in an top-down car, if possible! (laughs)

LiveDoor also ran a campaign to give away three autographed photos of Kai during the photoshoot. The campaign ran from July 11, 2018 to July 17, 2018.

The fourth and final actor to be featured was Sora, who is a Youtuber and member of the UUUM group “AVNTIS.”



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