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Sota Fukushi Discusses Newest Role and Provides Health Advice

Sota Fukushi is portraying the lead character, Ichigo Kurosaki, in the live-action adaptation of Bleach. Fukushi previously portrayed the hero Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze.

Bleach was released on July 20, 2018 in Japan. It was a role that Fukushi stated he could perform for a lifetime. He felt that he could sympathize with Ichigo’s feels of protecting those important to him.


The action was challenging, but what was most difficult when playing Ichigo?

Fukushi: I usually reserve my energy, but I had to have an image where I laughed loudly and be bright. It was a challenge for me to play a cheerful character like Ichigo.

What did you have to do to become Ichigo?

Fukushi:In physical terms, I had the option to wear a wig. But, I chose to dye my hair and wear colored contacts. I like to dye my hair, so I was happy.

Ichigo is a character who acted to protect others at all costs. He doesn’t try to be a hero or act for justice.


Are there ways you could personally relate to him?

Fukushi:Ichigo thinks it’s his fault his mother died. That’s why I feel like I want to protect my family and the people around me, even if I’m hurt. I also think of Rukia. The both love their families and consider them best friends. So I can understand their feelings of wanting to protect important people.

Ichigo is cool, but reckless.

Fukushi:Ichigo often says “I will protect–” so I think a woman would like such manliness. Ichigo also thinks that an man doing bad things can also be cool.

What do you want women to notice?

Fukushi:Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship seems familiar because they frequently argue. When others notice, they think “They’re good friends.” In the end, ichigo fights to protect Rukia.



Readers, take notice of the relationship between Ichigo and Rukia! Now onto other questions…

How do you practice being healthy?

Fukushi:I eat proper meals to ensure I properly digest food. I try and eat well so I can give energy to my internal organs. It shows up on the skin! So, I try to aid it by eating supplements and vitamins.

Please advice readers on dieting.

Fukushi:Don’t expect results immediately! If you want to change your body and skin, don’t expect to see results in a few weeks or months. If you practice improving your constritution, you can make a healthy change. You and your body will have a lifetime together. You can be beautiful forever, so don’t panic.

Please give a final message for upPlus readers


Fukushi:Please hold on to the feelings that you want to be beautiful. That feeling is important, so I want you to hold onto it. Men are beautiful, too. But, I think it’s better to be cool, so you don’t lose to women.



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