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Ryoma Takeuchi Ranks 1st Place for the Ideal Man’s Physique

Recently a poll was held in Japan for men to rank the most ideal male celebrity physique. Ryoma Takeuchi (竹内涼真), who starred in Kamen Rider Drive as Shinnosuke Tomari, ranked in first place.

Ever since Takeuchi was five years old, he participated in soccer. He continued playing into high school, and would then go on to be recommended for college teams. Unfortunately, he had to abandon his goal of becomming a professional athelete due to an injury.

Takeuchi’s interest in sports has not stopped. Recently, he traveled to Russia as part of the TBS FIFA World Cup Russia program and watched matches featuring the Japan team.

The actor has continued to maintain his athletic physique as if he were a professional athlete. Takeuchi just released his third photobook on July 12th, which showed off his athletic body. Even in the TBS drama Rikuo in 2017, he showed off his skills as a track runner.

Most recently, he appeared half-nude on the cover of the magazine ANAN on July 4th. Takeuchi admitted he felt self-consious about his muscle mass. The actor spend all of his spare time working out. He managed to train the muscles in his chest from 87cm to 100cm.

Comments from voters included:

  • “His shoulders are surprising for a small face.” – A teenage voter
  • “He looks thin because he’s so tall, but also that he’s good at soccer.” – Voter in his 30s

Also making the list were (in order):

  • Mackenyu (新田真剣佑)
  • Hidetoshi Nishijima (西島秀俊)
  • Go Ayano (綾野剛)
  • Hidetoshi Nishijima (西島秀俊)
  • Junichi Okada (岡田准一)
  • Dean Fujioka (ディーン・フジオカ)
  • Tomohisa Yamashita (山下智久)
  • Hidetoshi Nakata (中田英寿)



Article Sources: Oricon

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