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Kouhei Takeda Reunites with Kaho Takada at Calendar Event

Kaho Takada (高田夏帆), who played the heroine Misora Isurugi, and Kouhei Takeda (武田航平), who portrayed Kazumi Sawatari/Kamen Rider Grease, in Kamen Rider Build reunited recently at a calendar event.

They both appeared at a bookstore in Shinjuku to celebrate the release of her calendar “Kaho Takada Calendar 2019” In Kamen Rider Build, Sawatari played the “reliable older brother” to the other characters. Takada and Takeda’s characters shared a bond, though Sawatari’s feelings for Misora were much stronger.



Takada discussed the photos in the calendar, such as a date at a fireworks show while wearing a yukata. Takeda said that Kaho was “a trillion points as a subject” while the photobook itself was “a trillion and one points.”



Article Sources: YaHoo! Japan


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