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Tokusatsu Stunt Actor Misaki Nobuyuki Arrested for Allegedly Cutting Skirts

Misaki Nobuyuki (御前伸幸) is a stunt actor who works with Japan Action Enterprise. he has appeared in several tokusatsu series since his debut in 2014, including Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.

Nobuyuki was arrested in Tokyo on October 22, 1828 for allegedly cutting the skirt of a high school girl’s uniform skirt on an escalator. It’s suspected he cut over 40 centimeters of her skirt.

During the interrogation, Nobuyuki admitted that he was feeling stressed and “I just wanted to cut anything.”

There have been several incidents after August of this year in Tokyo where women’s skirts have been cut. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is investigating any relationship between these incidents.

Tokyo MX has posted a video of the news announcement here:



Article Sources: TBS


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