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Atsuhiro Inukai Releases First Photobook “Kiseki”

Atsuhiro Inukai (犬飼貴丈) starred in Kamen Rider Build as the protagonist Sento Kiryu. Inukai is from the Tokushima Prefecture, and recently held an event to commemorate his first photobook “Kiseki.” He spoke with the Tokushima Shimbun about the photobook and his future goals.

Winning the Grand Prix at the Junon Super Boy Contest was also the starting point for his debut. One of Inukai’s first goals was to release a photo collection.

Photography for Kiseki took place in Tokushima. When talks were held with Inukai’s editorial department, Inukai is the one who proposed taking photos in the prefecture. The locations include a Chinese restaurant that Inukai’s family used to frequent.

The photos show different expressions that Inukai hasn’t yet been able to show in dramas or tv shows. When shooting in Tokyo, he changed his tone by showing off cool expressions.

To commemorate the event, Inukai wanted to share it with the people in his home prefecture. Since there were so many residents who were kind and helpful to him during the photoshoot, he wanted to repay the favor.

Inukai’s 2019 goals include romantic roles and expanding his work into voice acting, if given the opportunity.

In Inukai’s final message to his fans in Tokushima, he asked that fans continue supporting him. He wants to work hard to boost Tokushima and always make it known where he’s from. Just like musician and illustrator Kenshi Yonezu (米津玄師) is from Tokushima, Inukai also wants others to know where he’s from.

Article Sources: Tokushima Shimbun

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