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Kamen Rider Fans Speak Up When Preschooler Told “Boys Don’t Wear Pink”

The Smash! Hate Project is a website devoted to helping residents of Japan understand “hate speech.” Hate speech has been on the rise, but many don’t understand what it is or how to speak up about it. Their website contains a large amount of content, including a short manga, about how to identify hate speech.

In a recent tweet, they explain how their preschooler son was told that “pink is for girls.”

The user explains that there is no color that is only for boys or girls.

The tweet quickly made rounds among netizens who chimed in with male characters meant for younger demographics that wear pink.

Kamen Rider fans began to post images of characters who wear pink, including Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Kamen Rider ZI-O. They also included Kamen Rider Decade’s magenta armor, but let’s not forget that Kamen Rider Raia from Kamen Rider Ryuki also wore a site that was primarily magenta. Kamen Rider Den-O’s sword form was also mentioned which is created by Momotaros, the peach Imagin, which was meant to be a pun.

One user used Vegeta from the Dragon Ball series as an example, who has worn a bright pink button-down shirt for many episodes in the series.

There was also a discussion about how not all female heroes wear pink. For example, the first female Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Femme from Kamen Rider Ryuki wore white and black armor. Kamen Rider Shuki of Kamen Rider Hibiki wore armor that’s red and yellow.

The Kamen Rider examples we’ve listed aren’t a comprehensive list, but netizens showed that there is no color palette that heroes must wear.

Article Sources: Smash! Hate Project Twitter

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