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Mother and Son Have Different Reasons for Watching Kamen Rider

This is an opinion article written by freelancer Hiroki Muto for Diamond Online.

All the actors who played Kamen Riders in the past have been handsome. Many continue to become popular actors even after their Rider roles end. Whether the rider is a “good guy” or not is usually irrelevant for the boys watching the show, but it’s important for the child’s mother.

If a handsome Rider confronts the enemy, the boy will cheer for the Rider while the mother will comment “Oh, what a good guy.” But if that same Rider is in trouble, the boy will cheer “Lose, Rider! Rider! Good luck, Rider!” but the mother will still cheer the Rider on.

Years ago, a woman named Mrs. B (36-years-old) was watching Kamen Rider Drive with her son, who was 6-years-old at the time. Kamen Rider Drive was portrayed by Ryoma Takeuchi (竹内涼真). Mrs. B was watching the television screen, her son was swinging a play sword made of a rolled-up newspaper.

After that, Mrs. B began to look forward to watching Kamen Rider with her son. Before getting married, she was very interested in foreign actors. After getting married, she tried to be more discreet about it and stayed away. But, Kamen Rider, is different from Hollywood movies, and there was a such a handsome lead actor she could have never imagined!

By the third week, Mrs. B was almost in love. But, it’s not known if her husband was jealous. Mrs. B just used her son’s enthusiasm for Kamen Rider Drive to keep watching. Regarding Takeuchi, she stated “The more you watch, the more attractive he becomes, and the more pain you feel (laughs).” It’s been awhile since Kamen Rider Drive aired, though, and Mrs. B’s love for Takeuchi has calmed down.

Naturally, her son began to pretend to be “Kamen Rider.” When Mr. B was home, he played the enemy, while their son was the hero. Mr. B excelled at being the enemy and while respecting their son’s feelings.

Things changed when Mrs. B was expected to pretend play with her son. She didn’t want to refuse to play, but she had her own set of expectations. Mrs. B wanted to play Kamen Rider Drive. Mrs. B was so fond of Ryoma Takeuchi that she didn’t want to pass on being him, even during transformation.

Mrs. B’s son wasn’t so accepting. He cried, so Mrs. B quickly gave in, but when she had to play the enemy, she was incredibly bored.

As Kamen Rider Drive continued, another Rider appeared named Kamen Rider Mach, portrayed by Yu Inaba (稲葉友). Mrs. B used this to her advantage by stating “Mach is cool!” and “Mach is too strong!” Her son began to become more interested in Kamen Rider Mach.

From there, Mrs. B could play as Kamen Rider Drive while her son was Kamen Rider Mach. Their “enemy” was invisible, or if Mr. B was home, he would pretend to be the enemy. Mother and son would work together to defeat him.

For the year that Kamen Rider Drive aired, Mrs. B was in love. But after the broadcast, her love had grown cold. She still saw Takeuchi on commercials and tv dramas, but it was different. Mrs. B now felt like she was supporting an old boyfriend.

This isn’t uncommon with children’s programming. Sometimes the children enjoy the content, but mothers watch because they are attracted to a particular actor on the show.

Children may find themselves happy that their parents are happy to watch the same show together. It may be a good thing to have parents addicted to children’s programming, for the sake of their kids. It also helps to support the show and everyone who works hard to bring it to their tvs every week.

Article Sources Diamond Online

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