Banyko Figure Museum: Home of Over 30,000 Figures

Mie Prefecture is located beside Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka. While it isn’t as busy as Tokyo, there are fewer tourists yet still plenty of activities to enjoy.

In the city of Tako is the Banyko Figure Museum, which has almost double the figures than the population (as of 2012). The museum features the collection of the Banyko Pharmaceutical company, Nobuo Matsuura. Matsuura lost his family, company, and parts of his collection during the 1995 Great Hanshin earthquake. Since the tragedy, he has moved to Mie and worked hard to recontruct his company and rebuild his collection.

Once you enter the museum, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the variety of exhibits. Futures including Kamen Rider, Mazinger Z, Ultraman, Evangelion, and more decorate the interior from the floor to ceiling. There are also foreign works as well, such as Star Wars, Marvel, and DC figures.

The statues and figures are out in the open and not placed behind glass. The museum continues to add more to its collections, thanks to fans.

The museum also offers a photography studio rentals for cosplayers, including costumes for rent.

The Banyko Figure Museum is open from 9AM-6PM Sunday through Friday. There’s an admission fee of ¥1,000 or free for children under 2 years old.

Official Website Banyko Figure Museum
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