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Fumika Baba Stars in “Yuri da no kan da no”

It was recently announced that Fumika Baba (馬場ふみか) and Fujiko Kojima (小島藤子) would star in the upcoming series Yuri da no kan da no.

The kanji in the title 百合 has bouble meaning: it is the name of the main character (Baba) and also means “yuri” which is media about female romantic relationships.

The script is an original story by Shinji Nojima with Shimizu Kazuyuki producing the work. The series depicts two women, who were formally classmates, but their friendship develops into a romantic relationship.

The story begins with Baba, a university student named Yuri, who is being stalked. She decides to move because of the increase of harassment, including finding a used tissue in her mailbox at her home. She later goes to a real estate office to find a new residence, where she meets Kojima. They realize they were both classmates in elementary school. They’re happy to reunite, but friendly actions, such as hugging begin to evolve into longer embraces. These feelings evolve into more than just friendship.

Baba stated that she enjoyed Nojima’s other 2 stories through Fuji TV’s FOD, and enjoyed the conversations and pacing in his work. She believed the conversations of the script were realistic. Baba also commented that though she likes men, she feels very close to her female friends. When they’re together, they link arms while they’re walking or kiss, so she empathized with the work and felt the love from her character. She hopes that the work resonates with muitiple generations.

Fumika previously portrayed Medic in Kamen Rider Drive.

The series will air on Fuji TV’s video distribution service FOD on May 24, 2019.

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