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Masaki Suda Recalls Initial “Joker Extreme” Move Confusion

Masaki Suda (菅田将暉) previously portrayed Phillip in Kamen Rider W. Along with his partner, Shotaro Hidari, portrayed by Renn Kiriyama (桐山漣), they transformed into Kamen Rider W.

After the show ended, Suda has continued to perform in various dramas, films, and music. He currently hosts the radio show All Night Nippon every Monday night.

On Monday, April 8, 2019, Suda recalled the first time he saw the program outline for Kamen Rider W. Suda was only 16 when he passed the audition for Philip. Afterward, he was sent a document outlining Kamen Rider W and overall plot of the series.

Suda recalled: “Kamen Rider W is two people who fight together. His body is black and green. I played the green side, while my partner was the black side during transformation. I only transferred my spirit with my partner making the change… I’ll skip explaining the rest, but please watch it (laughs).”

Suda went on to explain the “Special Move” outlined in the planning documents. “There was a written description of the Kamen Rider with a split body. Kamen Rider’s Joker Extreme special move is that the Rider first jumps in the air, then their bodies split in the middle. The black half strikes down first, followed by the green side. Both halves strike the target. I really thought hard about it (laughs) What does this mean? If you only read the words, you’d be really surprised. I wondered if this would be okay.”

At that time, Suda explained he couldn’t understand the “Joker Extreme” special move. “I couldn’t understand the idea with just the project book alone.”

Article Sources All Night Nippon Blog

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