Toshiki Inoue and Kohei Murakami Craft Ichigoman 2019

Toshiki Inoue (井上敏樹) has written a variety of tokusatsu and anime series throughout the years. It was recently announced that he was writing a story featuring Hello Kitty.
The hero was first released in 2011 but is now featured in a new story. In Power the Kitty Ichigoman, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty is a super-powered hero who is fighting off an alien invasion.

This is a new, original story from Inoue. Yuko Yamaguchi (山口裕子), the third designer for Hello Kitty, is working on the charater design. Kohei Murakami (村上幸平), who portrayed Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa in Kamen Rider 555 is in charge of editing and planning. A newcomer to the manga world, Shakua Shinkai, will be in charge of the artwork.

The first two volumes are already on sale for 800円 each (tax not included). Volumes 3 and 4 will be released on May 17, 2019.

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