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Ryoma Takeuchi Meets Hollywood Actors at Detective Pikachu Movie Event

On April 25, 2019, Ryoma Takeuchi (竹内涼真) appeared at the world premiere event of the live-action Hollywood adaptation of Detective Pikachu, based on the Pokémon series. He stood with Ryan Reynolds, the voice of Pikachu, along a yellow carpet.

Takeuchi performs the Japanese voice dub of the human protagonist Tim Goodman.

Regarding his role, Takeuchi stated that “It was a childhood dream of mine for Pokémon to become a live-action movie. It was difficult for me to perform the Japanese dub because the performance by Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith (who plays Tim Goodman) was wonderful.”

Also appearing at the event was Ken Watanabe (Det. Yoshida), Marie Iitoyo (Lucy Stevens),

Detective Pikachu debuts in Japan on May 3rd.

Takeuchi previously portrayed Shinnosuke Tomari, the protagonist of Kamen Rider Drive.

Article Sources Agara, Natalie

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