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Ryoma Takeuchi Grateful for Hidenori Ishida’s Criticism

Ryoma Takeuchi (竹内涼真) recently appeared on a variety show on May 5th. He spoke about his starring role in Kamen Rider Drive as Shinnosuke Tomari.

Hidenori Ishida (石田秀範) is a veteran director of Kamen Rider, having directed episodes 16 out of 20 shows from Heisei Kamen Rider series. Takeuchi was still an inexperienced actor when cast in Kamen Rider Drive, but took on the play even though he was nervous.

From there, Director Ishida criticized Takeuchi’s performance, telling him various things such as he had “the eyes of a dead fish,” “your acting is boring,” and compared him to other Kamen Rider actors. Takeuchi took Ishida’s words seriously and continued the role, doing his best until the end of the broadcast.

After that, Takeuchi once again met Ishida. This time, the Director told Takeuchi “You have become a good actor.” Takeuchi still feels grateful, as the role has often been a starting point in many actors’ lives. Ishida also stated that he would want to work with Takeuchi again in the future.

Takeuchi recalled that “If you’re going to be a Kamen Rider, you’ll encounter Ishida, who is tough with his words.” But Takeuchi challenged himself to take on roles he would have never imagined for himself in the future.

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