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Daisuki Toku at Japan World Heroes 2019 – Overview

Japan World Heroes convention was held in sunny Pasadena, CA from August 16-19, 2019. Daisuki Toku’s Lisa was in attendance for all three days. Japan World Heroes was held in the basement level of the Pasadena Convention Center on one floor with two separate rooms: one for all-screenings and another for panels.

A short history lesson: The convention is quite new and began in 2017. It’s only held every other year, while its sister convention, Power Morphicon, is run every year. while Power Morphicon primarily focuses on Power Rangers and Super Sentai, Japan World Heroes covers all tokusatsu media, from kaiju, Kamen Rider, Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Ultraman, and artists.

To see a breakdown of each day, please click the date below:

Japan World Heroes is a smaller con compared to others I’ve been to (like Pax East in Boston, MA). This may deter some, but for others, it’s a very welcoming atmosphere. One can walk through aisles without running into someone else and have an enjoyable time with few crowds.

Have kids? The content is also family-friendly and there were several kids in attendance. There’s more of an opportunity to see special guests multiple times if you’d like.

Starting from 11 AM until closing, there was a one hour panel on various topics, featuring the guests. The panels themselves were also really informative and entertaining. Every panel had a moderator asking questions and engaging with the audience, and if there was additional time, fans were allowed to ask questions.

Tips for those interested in going next time:

  • BRING CASH. There is an ATM near the entrance but avoid the fees and bring some, just in case. There were issues on Sunday as well. Also if using a card, some vendors charge sales tax.
  • There are no vending machines inside of the convention center. But, you can walk to the skating rink nearby, or visit Sheraton Pasadena hotel close-by and buy drinks from the gift shop. Visitors can also walk across the street to the shopping center, where there are several vending machines, food carts, and a Starbucks (which will probably be packed).

Hopes for the next Japan World Heroes:

  • Special events on Friday night
  • Smaller badges that are printed with “VIP,” “General Admission” etc instead of also needing a wristband
  • The con to last for longer than 5-6PM
  • Concessions on-site
  • Night time events (besides from the very limited Saturday night dinner) such as tokusatsu-related video game tourneys, karaoke, etc
  • More activities while the con is in session
  • For future cons, it would be great if visitors can submit questions in advance.

If you’d like to see Lisa’s personal photos from the event, feel free to follow on Twitter.

Thank you again to Japan World Heroes for the opportunity to attend the convention as media and I hope to visit again in 2021!

Japan World Heroes: Official Website | Facebook

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