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Keisuke Watanabe Holds Second Fan Photo Event

Keisuke Watanabe (渡邊圭祐) appeared in Kamen Rider ZI-O as Woz. On September 1st, he held a fan event in the city of Sendai to commemorate his first photo book release. This is his second fan event for his photobook. At the first event, all 3,000 copies of his photobook sold out, along with ticket reservations.

Watanabe challenged himself to play two roles: Black Woz and White Woz. Over his year of playing the character on Kamen Rider ZI-O, he quickly became popular. It’s not often that a new make actor releases a photo collection during the first year of his debut.

The event included a talk, handshake with Watanabe, and a two-shot photo session with either the White Woz or Black Woz pose. Since the Kamen Rider ZI-O tv show just concluded and Zero-One has debuted, many fans called out “Thank you, Woz.”

At the event, Watanabe stated that he was glad so many from the Tohoku region were in attendance, and more men were in attendance compared to his last event. This time, his friends and family joined in. He didn’t notice at first, but when he was taking photos, he realized it was a someone he knew.

Watanabe expressed his thanks to all in attendance and said he would continue to do his best.

Article Sources Oricon, Natalie

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