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Cosplayer Recreates Kamen Rider Kabuto Armor Cast-Off

When Kamen Rider Kabuto first transforms, he casts-off his Maskef Form exterior armor to show his Rider Form. A Japanese cosplayer named Muppi hand-crafted the “cast-off” of Kamen Rider Kabuto. Muppi has created several cosplays of Kamen Riders and various mecha.

Muppi uploaded a video showing how the cast-off works. First, he uses the Kabuto Zecter:

Muppi is then showed wearing the external Masked Form armor. Using the transformation device again, the cast-off starts to expose his Rider Form. The finishing touch is the helmet.

After sharing his project on Twitter, netizens were impressed by the high-quality of his work.

Muppi did state that he had to cut from different angles because his family helped during the video process. They used fishing line to pull apart the external armor, which wasn’t perfectly timed, but he did his best.

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