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Ryoma Takeuchi Stars in 2020 TBS Drama Ship of Theseus

Ryoma Takeuchi (竹内涼真) first starred as Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive. The actor has moved on to play several roles since the 2014-2015 tokusatsu show.

It was announced that Takeuchi would star in the upcoming TBS drama Ship of Theseus as Shin Tamura. The drama is a live-action adaptation of manga by Toshiya Higashimoto.

The live-action drama and manga retain the same plot. Shin Tamura is the son of a murderer and has been branded as such since his early school days. Tamura returns to Hokkaido to learn more about the mysteries surrounding his father.

Tamura is suddenly transported back in time to 1989, right before the incident occurred. From there, Tamura has the opportunity to change the past and his family’s future.

About the role and his life, Takeuchi commented, “There are many moments in my everyday life that I think I’m similar to my father.” and “I can now understand how my father felt.”

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