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Eiji Akaso and Fumika Baba Star In “Nee sensei, shiranaino?”

Eiji Akaso (赤楚衛二) and Fumika Baba (馬場ふみか) will star in the upcoming MBS drama “Nee sensei, shiranaino?” (roughly “Hey teacher, don’t you realize it?”)

Nee sensei, shiranaino? is a live-action drama adaptation of the manga of the same name by Aya Asano.

Baba plays the protagonist, a manga artist who creates romance stories but has no romance experience of her own. One day, she meets a charismatic stylist at a salon, played by Akaso. The story is about two people that seem incompatible, but eventually, grow closer. They begin to date, but when the protagonist gets into her work, she begins to neglect the world around her.

Baba debuted as Medic in Kamen Rider Drive and continued her acting career, as long as modeling.

She commented that she read the original series since there are times when work becomes the priority before love. She looks forward to filming while enjoying the world of shoujo manga.

Akaso played Ryuga Banjo/Kamen Rider Cross-Z in Kamen Rider Build. His upcoming film is Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare in 2020.

He also read the original and was impressed by the hard-working protagonist. His character is cool, but also honest.

The manga creator, Asano, was also excited to have her work adapted into a live-action drama. It’s a manga series for all women who worked hard, but she would also be happy if women working on the drama could feel healed by the theme.

Nee sensei, shiranaino? is scheduled to be released on December 5, 2019.

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