Kamen Rider

Japanese Twitter Users are Sharing Their Stories of How They Became Kamen Rider Fans

Since it’s debut in 1971, the Kamen Rider series has become popular throughout generations, regardless of age or gender. Earlier this week a hashtag was started “#自分がライダーオタクになった原因あげろ” or loosely “The reason I became a Rider otaku.”

Since the hashtag began, over 10,000 tweets and counting were shared.

Some were addicted to collecting limited edition cards or watched because of their parents.

Fans shared their merchandise, books, and artwork.

Toshiki Kashu (賀集利樹), who played the protagonist Shouichi Tsugami/Kamen Rider Agito, shared a photo of himself wearing the Kamen Rider G3 armor during his appearance in Kamen Rider ZI-O.

Kashu was pleased he was allowed to wear the suit, even though he could transform otherwise.

Article Sources NicoNico, Futaba Net

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