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MGS4’s “Big Mama” Mari Natsuki and Renn Kiriyama Wear Pearls at MIKIMOTO Ceremony

Singer Mari Natsuki (67) and actor Renn Kiriyama (34) attended the opening ceremony of MIKIMOTO in Osaka.

MIKIMOTO is well known for its luxurious pearls: “In 1893, after years of painstaking efforts, Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in duplicating this natural process by implanting a nucleus (core). The method he developed is still used by Mikimoto today to form beautiful, lustrous pearls.” (Source)

Natsuki is known for her singing but has also performed voice work, such as the Japanese VA for “Big Mama” in Metal Gear Solid 4. Kiriyama is known for his role as Shotaro Hidari in Kamen Rider W.

Both performers wore a variety of expensive rings, earrings, and rings, including a strand of pearls.

Kiriyama was also seen wearing a pearl necklace worth 1.7 million yen. He stated it was his first time wearing pearls and is a new start for the Reiwa era. Kiriyama stated that men could also wear peals and he would ask Mari for her advice on how to best wear them.

Article Sources YaHoo! Japan

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