Plant Sentai Botanical Force Drama And Special Movie For FANCL Features Ikemen Heroes

Japanese cosmetics and supplement company FANCL has released a new commercial featuring a group of ikemen heroes called the “Plant Sentai Botanical Force.” The original audio drama is also provided to those who buy the new line of Botanical products.

The five warriors use the power of plants and fight against the evil organization “Gasagasa Empire,” which deprives the skin from moisture. The Botanical Force uses the moisturizing power of plans to protect Earth’s skin.

During the day, the heroes are ordinary people but all fall in love with the same woman, similar to an otome game.

The story is a romance tale about the ikemen fighters of the Plant Sentai Botanical Force. Their catchphrase is “Moisten, Botanical Force! Love, Botanical Force!”

The voice actors for the Plant Sentai Botanical Force heroes are:
Red: Takuma Terashima (voice roles include Ultraman Taiga)
Blue: Yoshimasa Hosoya (Ageha Yummy in Kamen Rider OOO)
Yellow: Ryohei Kimura (Shinjiro Hayata in Ultraman 2019)
Green: Junichi Suwabe (roles include Kamen Rider Ex-Aid belt voices and Super Sentai roles)
Pink: Shouta Aoi (long-running voice actor for Ai Mikaze of Uta no Prince-sama series)

Check out the special movie below:

Official Website FANCL
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