Japanese Moms Discuss Buying Character-Themed Clothing For Children

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What kind of standards do moms have when selecting their children’s clothing? In addition to the brands and type of material, “what kind of character is displayed” may be the primary reason to buy or not buy certain clothing.

Moms were asked, “Why do you by character-themed clothing?”

“They’re cute.”
One of the reasons moms pick out character-themed clothing is because it’s “cute.” There are also some pieces of clothing that are fashionable and feature children’s favorite clothing.

  • “Depending on how you match the outfit or the character, there are some cute ones available.”
  • “I’ll buy it if I find a collaboration product with Hello Kitty.”

“Child’s smile makes mom happy.”
The main reason these moms bought character-themed clothes because it makes their children happy. A happy child means that parents are happy. Some moms let children choose, even if their child likes something different than mom.

  • “Because my child wants it.”
  • “Because it makes my children happy.”
  • “Sometimes the child chose the clothing by themselves.”
  • “I want to see my children happy.”
  • “I was interested in Super Sentai beacuse I was influenced by my kindergarden friends. When I saw the character, I was very happy to see it, so I bought it. I prefer clothing with simple designs, but I think it’s best to buy clothes that make children happy.”

“Mom is also a fan of the character.”
In some cases, moms bought character-themed clothes because they also liked the characters. From the writer’s personal experience, it seems that Mom became a fan of the actor who is in Kamen Rider.

  • “I didn’t want to buy it, but I bought it because I like Kamen Rider! I’m very happy because I haven’t seen this character for years.”

“Some characters are timeless.”
Although not all characters are acceptable, some moms will buy something universally liked, such as Disney. Disney characters don’t change every year, so if the clothing is the right size, the clothing can be worn for many years. Mom may have also been a Disney fan since childhood.

  • “I’ve loved Mickey Mouse and Disney Princesses since I was one-year-old, so I continued wearing it. I want to avoid things that change yearly, like Precure and Super Sentai.”
  • “Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I may not accept anything else.”
  • “Disney is what I will barely accept.”

“Why moms don’t buy character-themed clothes.”
Some moms choose not to buy character-themed clothes because it doesn’t suit their tastes. Some of the clothing is also hard to coordinate outfits with.

  • “My child is two-years-old, but to be honest, I haven’t bought any character-themed clothes.”
  • “I don’t buy it. If I do, it’s underwear.”
  • “I understand a little. Because adults might buy something Ultraman-themed because they like the design. In the end, it’s up to the parent, right?”

“To respect the child’s wishes.”
It’s the child that wears the clothes. In a child’s world, wearing character-themed clothing may be a status symbol, so it might not be good to deny a child’s will because an adult wants their children to wear sensible clothes. If you restrict what they want as adults, it may leave a bad memory that remains even after they’re adults.

  • “My grandmother said she was happy an acquaintance bought some of her favorite anime-themed clothing when she was young, but she was sad she couldn’t wear it because her mother opposed. Character-themed clothing is a privilege for children. For elementary school children, kids won’t wear it if they don’t like it, but it is considered fashionable for children.”

Even if mom doesn’t accept character-themed clothes, it’s a good idea to pay attention to what children like, so buying underwear or loungewear is a good balance. Even you are unable to buy new clothes because of hardship, children will still love the clothes because it features beloved characters.

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