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“Are You A Kamen Rider?” Hiro Mizushima Tells His Daughter About His Past

Hiro Mizushima, who starred in Kamen Rider Kabuto as the protagonist Souji Tendou, updated his blog on the 18th with a story.

Mizushima’s four-year-old daughter has been asked by her friends “Is your dad a Kamen Rider?” to which she couldn’t answer. She finally asked him if it was true. Mizushima admitted that, yes, he was a Kamen Rider in the past.

After hearing the confession, she added her Kamen Rider Kabuto doll to her collection of toys that she brings along on walks, when she eats, and when she sleeps. Previously, her favorite toy was a plush rabbit toy. The doll was given to his eldest daughter on her 2nd birthday by her grandmother, Mizushima’s mother.

Mizushima asked her why she’s carrying it around all the time now. She replied that “I’m relieved because it seems my dad has been protecting me for a long time.” Mizushima expressed his love for his daughter after hearing it.

Mizushima and his wife Ayaka had their first child in June 2015 and a second daughter in October 2019.

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