Ixa Matsuri 2020 Celebrates Kamen Rider Ixa With New Merchandise

Premium Bandai has announced it is rolling out new products as part of “Ixa Matsuri 2020. Kamen Rider Ixa previously appeared in Kamen Rider Kiva.

Kamen Rider Ixa was not a singular person but was armor used by multiple people within both timelines of the show.

On the Premium Bandai website, reservations have begun for the SHFiguarts of Kamen Rider Ixa (Save Mode/Burst Mode) for 8,800円, including replacement parts and weapons. Delivery is scheduled for November.

There is also a replacement head featuring Kouhei Takeda, who appeared in the show as Otoya Kurenai and was one of the Ixa armor users. Takeda would later on go to appear in Kamen Rider Build as Kazumi Sawatari/Kamen Rider Grease.

Takeda’s head was digitally scanned to reproduce a realistic head mold for the upcoming figure. Regarding Ixa Matsuri 2020, Takeda stated “This is the festival of Ixa!”

A Complete Selection Modification (CSM) belt for Kamen Rider Ixa has also been announced including the belt and Ixariser. Preorders began on May 26 and costs 33,000円.

The CSM belt was created with a new mold using props from the show. The product has over 160 new recordings of characters that used the belt. Also included are four background songs from the show. Delivery is scheduled for September 2020.

Also announced is a t-shirt featuring Keisuke Nago (portrayed by Keisuke Kato) as Ixa for 3,753円. The shirt is expected to ship in July.

Article Sources Oricon, AnimagePlus

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