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Kamen Rider memory of heroez Announced For PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch This October

An innovative new Kamen Rider game from Bandai Namco titled Kamen Rider memory of heroez will launch this October.

The action game will only star three heroes: Kamen Rider W, Kamen Rider OOO, and Kamen Rider Zero-One. The game will focus on each hero to make them stand out, contrary to previous musou-style games that have contained all Kamen Riders with little story and focused content.

Check out the trailer below:

Two versions are planned to launch
Regular – physical and digital download: 7600円 (plus tax)
Premium Sound Edition – physical and digital download: 11800円 (plus tax)

The Premium Sound Edition comes with character songs and background music from the show. The full tracklist has not yet been announced.

Kamen Rider memory of heroez launches on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on October 29.

Famitsu spoke with Bandai Namco producer Matano Kentarou regarding the upcoming game.

Kamen Rider memory of heroez will be of the “Hero chain action” action game genre, unlike Battride War, which is an action game with a focus on reproducing moves from tv.

The game was created as a new Kamen Rider game for adults, so the title had to go into consideration. Since the game uses English words, the producer had a series of trial-and-errors while thinking of a title. In the end, “Memory of Heroez” was decided.

The developer decided to incorporate letter effects from the three heroes appearing in the game. The most obvious are the “M,” an upside-down W from Kamen Rider W, the “D” and the “Os.” The game intentionally misspells “Heroes” as “Heroez” to incorporate “Z” from Kamen Rider Zero-One.

Koichi Sakamoto directed the opening movie, with creature designs by Katsuya Terada. Kamen Riders W, OOO, and Zero-One will be fully voiced. Zero-One will be voiced by Fumiya Takahashi (Aruto Hiden), but W and OOO will use different voice actors. The producer understands that some may be upset by some of the new voice actors. Since this is a new Kamen Rider game, his aim was to keep the original “image” of the Riders that fans remember.

When Sakamoto presented the storyboards for the opening movie, they were presented in a way that impressed Matano as a Kamen Rider fan. Sakamoto used a real actor, wire action, flashy offensive and defensive movies, and more things beyond the producer’s imaginations. From there, it was dropped into CG and finely tuned, which satisfied the producer.

The new chain will focus on chain attacks, where players connect attacks while changing forms one after alone. Kamen Rider memory of heroez will strongly focus on two things: Story and Gadget Action.

The story takes place on an island full of unusual energy called Sector City, there the original stories of each Rider will cross. Sector Island used to be a flourishing tourist island but has transformed into something different. Justice is part of the story progression, such as What is Justice, What is Kamen Rider, and inheriting the genealogy of justice.

As for the Gadget Action, this deals with the “gadgets” that Kamen Riders use during the work. For example, in Kamen Rider W, the heroes use a device called the “DenDen Sensor.” But in the game, this is used to find hidden items and keywords. Other items include Candroids and other flying items. So players will get to experience both action and using gadgets.

For the action, players can fight like a Kamen Rider while freely changing forms, one after another.

There will be normal battles and boss battles. Battle ranks are decided by the number of chains and the amount of damage in normal fights. In boss battles, players have to remain calm. Bosses’ attacks are very powerful, and players will receive an alert if their physical damage is heavily impacted. More details about boss battles are coming soon.

The game is at around 90% completed development, so right now the team is working on fine-tuning the details. This is the first single-player action game since Battride War and tackles new challenges. More information is planned to release in the future as the game draws closer to release.

Official Website Kamen Rider memory of heroez
Article Sources Famitsu

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