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Kamen Rider Saber Details Show Cast And Information For September 6 Debut

On July 29, Toei held a live-streamed press conference introducing the second Reiwa Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Saber.

In the show, there has been a book in charge of everything from ancient times. The book contains all kinds of myths, stories, and more, so humankind was able to evolve because of the knowledge within the book. The book was protected by a sacred sword and its chosen swordsman, which kept the world in balance. But the book is in danger of being stolen.

Part of the city disappears and can pluck people into another dimension called the “Wonder World.” Kamen Rider Saber appears to help defeat monsters, then being back lost residents to the original world.

This work features a “world in a book” that uses new technology to bring it to life, including transformation and action scenes.

The Kamen Riders transform by “plucking” their swords and all have various sword techniques. They include Japanese style, Western (like fencing), and Chinese-style martial arts.

Actor Syuichiro Naito will portray the protagonist, Kamiyama Touma, a novelist. He keeps having a dream of a different dimension where a battle is taking place, along with a mysterious girl who needs help. It makes him feel like he’s forgotten something important, and those thoughts start to impact his everyday life.

He treasures promises more than anything else and will make promises with many throughout the show. Whether he can keep those promises is another story. At the interview, Naito displayed his transformation pose with the phrase “I’ll decide the ending of the story!”

The second Kamen Rider, Shindou Rintarou/Kamen Rider Blaze, is portrayed Takaya Yamaguchi. He works with an organization dedicated to protecting the world’s balance by protecting books.

Sudou Mei, portrayed by Asuka Kawazu, is an editor in charge of working with Touma, but she’s only interested in having fun and social media. But, she has a curiosity for action.

Fukamiya Kento/Kamen Rider Espada is portrayed by Aoki Ryo, and is the swordsman of Thunder. He’s also Mei’s childhood friend.

Akamichi Ren/Kamen Rider Kenzan (portrayed by Togashi Eiji) is the wind swordsman, who is talented at his skill.

Daishinji Tetsuo (portrayed by Hiroaki Oka) is a mechanic who maintains the swords.

Sofia (portrayed by Rina Chinen) is a book guardian. She watches the battles from her base.

Also appearing in the series are Furuya Robin as Sutoriuzu, Takano Kairu as Rejieru, and Saikawa Koji as Zuosu.

The series will contain multiple Kamen Riders, with over ten appearing in the series over the year.

Takayuki Shibasaki, who was director of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters and Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, will act as Director. Kazuhiro Takahashi, head producer of Kamen Rider Ghost, will act as Producer. Takuro Fukuda, head writer of Kamen Rider Ghost, will be writing the script.

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra will be performing the main theme song of the work. Guest songs will also appear during the series. The ending song is entitled “Kamen Rider Saber” and was written by Tsuyoshi Kawakami (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra).

A short promotional trailer (not available in all countries) and the official Twitter account were also unveiled.

The first set of merchandise from the show has also been revealed. Bandai will release the Seiken Swordriver DX for Kamen Rider Saber on September 5 for 7,678円 (tax included). The belt is activated by setting the book into the driver, then removing the blade from the buckle. There are three slots total to hold additional books, which are sold separately.

Kamen Rider Saber debuts on September 6 on TV Asahi.

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