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Koji Seto and Mizuki Yamamoto Announce Plans To Marry This Year

Kamen Rider Kiva’s Koji Seto and actress Mizuki Yamamoto have announced their plans to marry this year. It was first announced they were dating in September 2019 after co-starring together in a drama.

They also became close because of a shared interest in drawing. Seto’s hobby is drawing and in May, he began sharing his work on his entertainment office’s official YouTube channel. Yamamoto wrote a manga when she was in Junior High School and has posted her recent artwork on her Instagram page.

In an interview, they reported that they have already met each other’s families and announced plans with close friends and acquaintances. Currently, they’re discussing the marriage dates with those involved with their work.

It’s expected that the marriage registration form will be submitted at the end of August 2020 at the earliest.

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