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Kansai Walker Staff Uses Custom Design Feature To Create Kamen Rider Clothing And Art In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch launched in March 2020. The game has more than 400 animals that can inhabit a player’s island plus plenty of activities to partake in.

The “My Design” function has become quite popular online between players and businesses. A Kansai Walker staff member recently displayed their collection of Kamen Rider designs that were created in their game. Unfortunately, the download codes were not included, but the article has several images of their Kamen Rider-related creations.

The staffer not only made wearable designs but also portraits of many characters from the series. They state it takes around 2 hours to create a design.

After creating several designs, they made a museum in the basement of their island home.

The staffer placed some of the designs in the Able Sisters shop. While the designs look great on the humanoid islander, they may look unusual on an animal resident.

During the weekly August fireworks display, players could request custom fireworks displays. The staffer used some of their designs during the event.

The staffer has worked hard on their designs. So far, they have a playtime of over 530 hours and have completely filled their design catalog. With the start of a new Kamen Rider series, the staffer hopes that Nintendo will also increase the number of custom design spaces.

(Check out our collection of custom Animal Crossing: New Horizons Kamen Rider designs here.)

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