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Kamen Rider Gaim V-Cinema Announcement Comes With New Merch And Breaks Premium Bandai Site

In the past few weeks, Toei has teased a major announcement for Kamen Rider Gaim. The series would get its first new V-cinema for the first time in five years. During the recent Kamen Rider Saber broadcast on October 25, the full announcement came, along with news of new merchandise.

The new V-Cinema will be Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Gridon vs Kamen Rider Bravo. The first episode is currently available on the Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club (TTFC) app. The v-cinema will also showcase new forms for both Gridon and Bravo.

The V-cinema takes place a few years after the show ended. A new crisis has threatened Zawame City. Hideyasu Jonouchi is now a popular pastry chef known worldwide and regularly appears on tv, autograph sessions, and more. However as the crisis worsens, Takatora Kureshima hires Oren Pierre Alfonzo on a new mission.

Reprising their roles in the show are Ryo Matsuda, Metal Yoshida, and Metal Yoshida. Tomomi Jiena, the Kamen Rider GIRLS Gaim representative, also appears. Directing is Satoshi Morota with a script by Nobuhiro Mouri, who also wrote episodes of the Gaim tv show.

The theme song “「You are the HERO」SHOCK EYE” was performed by Shonan no Kaze, who also performed Gaim’s theme song “Just Live More.”

Additional Kamen Rider Gaim merchandise is coming in the future. The Premium Bandai website experienced downtime because of high user volume.

Premium Bandai has announced the Kamen Rider Gaim Complete Modification System Sengoku Driver, which will cost 35,200円.

Along with the announcements were introductions into the set by actors from the show:

Gaku Sano (Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim) and Yutaka Kobayashi (Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron)

Yuki Kubota (Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu) and Mahiro Takasugi (Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen)

Metal Yoshida (Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kamen Rider Bravo) and Ryo Matsuda (Hideyasu Jonouchi Kamen Rider Gridon)

The Lockseed Charmant Set was also introduced and will cost 12,650円. The set comes with Lockseeds, along with matching plates for the driver.

Also coming soon as the Lockseed Team Baron Set, Lockseed Kureshima Set, and more.

Premium Bandai is now selling a second set of SO-DO Chronicle Kamen Rider Gaim Genesis Slider Set featuring Kamen Rider Duke Lemon Arms, Kamen Rider Sigurd Cherry Energy Arms, and Kamen Rider Marika Peach Energy Arms. The set will cost 5,280円.

Marika uses a new female body model to better represent her character in the show. All of the characters come with weapon accessories, but weapons from previous SO-DO Gaim toys can be used.

Also according to the store page, coming in February 2021 are SO-DO Chronicle Figures of Kamen Rider Gaim Jimber Lemon Arms, Kamen Rider Gaim Super Kachidoki Arms, Kamen Rider Baron Lemon Energy Arms, and Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin Melon Energy Arms.

Premium Bandai also announced the SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Gridon Lychee Arms figure, which will only be sold on the Japanese website.

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