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Masaki Suda Performed “Niji” For THE FIRST TAKE YouTube Channel

Masaki Suda sung “Niji,” (Rainbow) the theme song of the upcoming film STAND BY ME Doraemon 2 on THE FIRST TAKE YouTube channel. THE FIRST TAKE features several different musicians and bands who perform a song in one take.

Screenshots and promotional images have been revealed for the upcoming video. However, unlike most other music videos for THE FIRST TAKE, the video will be released on a DVD with the “Niji” single instead of on YouTube.

Suda previously released a full MV for the song on November 25, which also starred actress Kotone Furukawa. “Niji” was written and composed by Huwie Ishizaki, who is also a friend of Suda. The MV, directed by Mipo O, tells the story of a couple getting married and having a child.

Masaki Suda previously appeared as Philip in Kamen Rider W.

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