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Kamen Rider Gaim’s Ren Ozawa Released From Agency For Domestic Violence

This article contains details of a domestic violence incident. Proceed with caution.

On December 14, Japan Music Entertainment – AIS announced it has released actor Ren Ozawa. Ozawa portrayed Rat, a member of Team Gaim, in Kamen Rider Gaim.

It was recently reported on the website Bunshun Online that the actor allegedly committed acts of domestic violence against his longtime former girlfriend, whom he dated for over five years. They began living together in 2019.

The situation further came to light most recently. The report states that she was pregnant last year and expected to give birth in May. After telling Ogawa what happened, he questioned if the baby was really his. After that, he urged her to have an abortion and then began to use violence to further force her to lose the child by striking her stomach.

The victim then states that she did have an abortion. The consent form listed Ogawa’s full real name, which was additional proof of her story.

On August 31, a neighbor heard a “strange noise” coming from their apartment. It was the first time the neighborhood was alerted about possible violence.

On November 28, she reportedly went to his condo (their former residence) at his request to discuss the relationship, but Ogawa stated he had already forgotten about it. He also allegedly laughed about the mental toll the situation was having on her. These events caused the woman to become suicidal, but a friend noticed her strange behavior, followed her to the former residence, and saved her.

The agency moved forward and confirmed that the events in the article did take place. The victim’s family and best friends responded to the interview and presented evidence such as LINE messages and photos.

While Ogawa appeared as a kind man for the media, behind doors, his ex-girlfriend presented proof that he treated her very poorly. The photos also showed that she had dark bruises on her arm and body. After striking her, the victim states that he would turn around and act kindly towards her. Only a few of the victim’s friends knew about what was really happening.

Due to the serious nature of the event, the agency canceled its contract with Ogawa. Ogawa denied many of the statements made against him, such as striking his pregnant ex-girlfriend in the stomach, but the Agency’s decision was firm.

The agency then deeply apologized to the victim, and for the inconvenience and concern caused to everyone involved, including the fans who supported Ogawa. They will move forward to give guidance to its employees and other artists to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Response on Japanese social media was swift, with many hoping that Ogawa will face charges for the acts.

Article Sources AIS, Bunshin, LiveDoor

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