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Zero-One Others Kamen Rider Zero-One V-Cinema Film Announced

Toei has announced a V-Cinema film starring the members of MetsubouJinrai.net entitled Zero-One Others Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai. A short teaser trailer and the film poster has been revealed.

The film will debut in theaters on March 26, 2021, followed by a Blu-ray and DVD release on July 14.

The film is a story that depicts the aftermath of the Kamen Rider Zero-One REAL x Time movie that was released in Japanese theaters this weekend. The protagonists are the members of MetsubouJinrai.net who began the show fighting against Aruto Hiden/Kamen Rider Zero-One but their paths change as the show progresses.

Reprising their roles are:

  • Shuya Sunagawa – Horobi/Kamen Rider Horobi
  • Daisuke Nakagawa – Jin/Kamen Rider Jin
  • Daichi Yamaguchi – Ikazuchi/Kamen Rider Ikazuchi
  • Satsuki Nakayama – Naki/Kamen Rider Naki

The screenplay is by Yuya Takahashi and directed by Masaya Kakehi. Both previously worked on Kamen Rider Zero-One.

Along with the V-Cinema announcement is a new “MetsubouJinrai Driver Unit” and the “Mass Brain Zetsumerise Key.” These new items will also appear in the V-Cinema.

Those who pre-order the Blu-ray and DVD from December 19 to February 1 will receive a special illustration of the MetsubouJinrai members in their Kamen Rider forms. Other items will be sold of the “sumi art” in the future.

Check out the trailer below:

Official Website Zero-One Others Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai
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