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It’s Just Like Kamen Rider? Some Local Heroes Travel On Motorcycles, Too!

Local heroes work in Japan for various reasons. They may be working to create positive PR and revitalize the region. These heroes hold hero shows and also contribute to the community by volunteering at nursing homes and kindergartens.

When most people think of heroes riding motorcycles, they may immediately think of Kamen Rider or Super Sentai. Among local heroes, there are some who ride on unique motorcycles.

This article introduces some of the local heroes in the Kanto region.

Ibaraki Prefecture’s Hero Space-Time Soldier Ibariger

Ibariger came from across space and time to protect Ibaraki from evil. He has a love for peace and fights enemies to change the future. The hero’s helmet motif was inspired by the “lark” bird.

Ibaraki began his activities in 2007 and regularly holds events for all ages, plus releases themed merchandise. The hero has even appeared on dramas like Mr. Hiiragi’s Homeroom and Nippon Noir on NTV, which became a popular topic on SNS at the time.

Ibaraki rides on a bright-red and white trike (three-wheeled motorcycle). The base vehicle appears to be a Honda Valkyrie (1500cc) with additional customizations like a six-cylinder engine.

Chiba Prefecture’s Hero Space God Chibader

Space God Chibader came to earth from a planet called Stage 4 in the M28 Nebula on his “God Jet.” He is a local hero that has ten forms, and his bike also “changes” to match his current form.

Chibader rides on different bikes depending on his current form. The Hyper God Jet used with Fanged Mode is based on the Suzuki GSX-R1100W, while the Land Victory, based the Kawasaki KDX250SR, is used while in “Wing Mode.” The V-Cruiser is based on the Honda V Twin Magna 250 for “God Chibader Super Armor Mode.”

Chibader has also appeared in famous tv dramas, but also local performances. Some may see him riding on his bike before starting the show.

Gunma Prefecture’s Hero Heritage Mask

Hero Heritage came to Earth to protect the Tomioka Silk Mill, which is Japan’s oldest modern silk reeling factory and the silk industry from the evil organization known as “Devil Shadow.”

Hero Heritage began his activities in 2005 and 2020 marked his 15th anniversary. In 2016, he was awarded the Tomioka City Youth Health and Development Success Award.

The hero regularly participates in events, including the Tomioka City Summer Festival. His events are known for being interactive. The audience members may be “kidnapped” by Devil Shadow and Hero Heritage has to save them.

As for the hero’s bike, it seems that the base vehicle is a Honda CBR600RR. The bike has some unique paintwork just for Hero Heritage.

Local heroes have a unique appearance at events and local shows. They often work to fight “evil” and volunteer to improve their local communities.

Their shows may also be great places for bike lovers to see local heroes on their customized motorcycles.

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