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Kamen Rider ZI-O’s So Okuno And Ryusoulger’s Ichika Osaki Celebrate Coming-of-Age Ceremony

On January 11, Kamen Rider ZI-O’s So Okuno celebrated the Coming-of-Age ceremony in Japan. He was also joined by Ichika Osaki, who portrayed Asuna/Ryusoul Pink in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, and actress Manami Igashira. All three are members of Oscar Promotion Co.

A brief interview was held with Okuno as he looked back on his teens and future. He mentioned that now he feels he must live more independently. When he was a teenager, he was serious about ballet and performed for 11 years. He had to quit, but now that he’s an actor, he feels it was a positive decision.

Okuno also thanked his parents for being supportive and helping him. He stated that from now on, he will do his best so he can move forward on his own.

As for the future, Okuno wants to appear in many works and roles, and perform seriously.

Article Sources TheTV, YaHoo! Japan

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