Planet Prince Movie Remake Announced Starring Sho Higano And Nana Oda

Toei has announced a movie remake of the tokusatsu series Planet Prince. The film, which does not yet have an official title, is scheduled to be released this year around Summer or Fall.

Sho Higano will portray the protagonist Planet Prince, while musician and former member of Keyakizaka46, Nana Oda, will portray the heroine Kimiko Omura.

Directing the film is Minoru Kawasaki, who is known for his “B-Class” films such as The Calamari Wrestler and Kaiju Mono.

In 1958, Toei aired a tokusatsu series called Planet Prince and aired until 1959. The series was Directed by Eijiro Wakabayashi with an original story was by Masaru Igami. Igami is also known for working on the Kamen Rider and Kamen no Ninja Akakage series.

Article Sources Mantan Web

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