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Instagram Account Gives Amusing Daily Look Into The Lives Of Kamen Rider V3 And Stronger

The V3 and Stronger Instagram account has recently gained attention for its daily photos of the Kamen Riders. For four and a half years, the creator has been posting photos that give a glimpse into the lives of the heroes.

While previous years have seen more photos outdoors and in public settings, 2020 changed the world. In 2020, there were more photos of the Riders at home and having online drinking parties with friends. Some photos were also shown of Stronger and V3 starting their own delivery service.

In addition was a room set up where Stronger and V3 were sitting in the same room, but drinking together through a screen. Another photo shows the two under a plastic cup to social distance with a coronavirus barrier.

Photos showing trivial daily moments from life were also popular with viewers. The creator admits to recreating moments from his real life.

At the end of 2017, the most popular photo was of the Riders drunk in public. It made people think of drunk office workers, which resonated with many viewers.

The creator remembers shooting the scene and was cleaning up, but then the last train was quickly coming, so he had to escape quickly. Sometimes he is asked what he’s doing, but he tells people walking by he’s taking photos for Instagram. Occasionally, people will take photos of him while he’s out with V3 and Stronger.

Other photos include taking their juniors to elementary school ceremonies in April, being on a sugar restriction and restricting noodles and rice, and cleaning up.

The creator began posting photos on June 1, 2016. Before then, he didn’t take many photos. The inspiration was after he received a Kamen Rider V3 as a gift, but this is also his favorite Rider.

The account stars V3 and Stronger, but the creator was asked why he chose the pair. Originally it was just V3, but his “partner” was still in the air. It’s also to make Kamen Rider fans wonder “Why this combination?”

But these two characters have different settings in their shows. V3 is more of a senior, while Stronger is a junior. They are also often seen with a miniature pig named Hachi.

The account also opened up the world of miniatures for the creator.

He hopes that viewers will see it as a 4-koma manga and isn’t only for Kamen Rider fans, but also those who like dollhouse scenes, minatures, and more. He feels motivated to post daily because of all those who enjoy his posts.

The account has continued on for four and a half years. Many are attracted to the photos because the viewers can imagine the characters’ facial expressions, even though they’re wearing masks. Since the account posts daily, viewers can also have something to look forward to what kind of photo will be posted that day.

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