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Kamen Rider W’s Masaki Suda Will Star In The Remake Of the 1997 Film CUBE

The 1997 film CUBE will have its first official remake later this year. It was announced that the film will star Masaki Suda (Phillip in Kamen Rider W), but also Takumi Saitoh (Shin Ultraman).

Suda portrays the leading engineer, while Saito portrays a mechanic, An portrays a staff member, Masaki Okada as a part-time worker, Tashiro Hikaru as a Junior High School student, and Kotaro Yoshida as a corporate officer.

CUBE will be similar to the original film. All six characters are wearing blue prison-like uniforms and are trapped inside of a cube. Inside are various traps like heat-sensitive lasers, wires that slice, flamethrower, and more. The characters must figure out the “code” of the cube to escape. The cube will have a physical and mental toll on the characters, then test them even further. Some characters may even begin to manipulate each other to survive until the end.

Filming was done in Tokyo from October to November 2020. The director is Shimizu Yasuhiko, who previously worked on the 2019 film MANRIKI (VICE) that starred Saitoh. The script, which was adapted from the original, was written by Tokuo Koji.

CUBE was initially directed and co-written by Vincenzo Natali. He recently announced he is serving as Executive Producer on the film.

CUBE is scheduled to launch on October 22, 2021.

Check out the trailer below:

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