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Makoto Okunaka Cast As Substitute Lead Role In Momoiro Anzuiro Sakurairo Drama

Makoto Okunaka was cast in the ABC TV drama Momoiro Anzuiro Sakurairo. She is taking over the lead role as Anzu Kawakami, previously played by Miwako Kakei. Unfortunately, Kakei found out she was in close contact with someone with COVID-19.

At another testing site, that person turned out to be COVID-19 positive. Kakei also took a test and was found to be COVID-19 negative, but had to stay home for two weeks to isolate. The events took place before the drama began filming.

Makoto Okunaka is known for her role as Koyomi in Kamen Rider Wizard. However, Miwako Kakei appeared in Mirai Hanasaki in the film Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future.

The male lead, Tetsuya Kuroda, is portrayed by Takumi Kizu, who also has tokusatsu roots as Lucky/Shishi Red in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.

Yuuka Suzuki portrays Anzu’s best friend, Yuka Negishi.

Momoiro Anzuiro Sakurairo is a drama adapted by a 3-volume romance manga of the same name by Saki. The story is about a love triangle between college students, however the adaptation transforms it into an office drama.

The drama begins on February 21.

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